Our offer

The Global Escape is an online escape game platform where
you as a team compete against friends or
colleagues to set the fastest escape time. The aim of the game is Fun! The second goal is Team bonding! You work together as a team to solve online riddles,
solve challenges and brain breakers.

Custom games for companies

The Global Escape is aimed at companies that want a team activity that can be a bit more personalized than our standard games. The input comes from the company, we discuss this together and then proceed to the design phase. The implementation can vary from simple to super challenging, from placing logos to a combination of your own theme, style, riddles and even physical objects in a location of your choice, worldwide! Everything is negotiable, because we are very flexible.

Another big advantage of a custom game is that there is no limit on the total number of players. We can have from 1 to thousands of players playing at the same time. If you are interested in a tailor-made game, fill in the request form below with all known information and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Standard games for companies

Choose from our standard games, we set up a separate environment where your employees can play against each other. We personalize the homepage with your logo and we are available live for support during the game. All you have to do is choose which video call software you want to use.

Standard games for friends and families

Easy and fast! Pick a game, pay for the game and play! Or play later, because after payment you will receive a code and you can do it yourself
decide when you want to play.

  • Teams of 4 to 7 players
  • In Dutch, English and French
  • Duration: 45 to 90 minutes
  • No need to sit together just choose your own conferencing platform (WherebyZoomTeams,...)
  • Play immediately or at a time of your choice (after payment you can set up the teams immediately and all players will receive an email)